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Altrad Belle of Sheen have the following;


I’m currently looking for a number (Hopefully six) of young people to start  manufacturing apprenticeship with us. We would provide training and educational support over a four year term (Unless a young person had already completed time at college, in which case, if for example year one had been completed, it would be a three year term etc etc)

We would be putting particular emphasis on:

A: Full educational support in conjunction with Buxton & Leek college on a day release basis. This would led to a formal engineering/manufacturing qualification (Exact detail to be determined)

B: Training to be given in the following engineering disciplines at Altrad-Belle:

                1: Machining: This would be full CNC machining including setting, operating and programming

                2: Fabrication: Training in all aspects of MIG welding. This will include the setting, operating and programming of robot welders

                3: Sheet metal work: This would entail working with CNC punching machines, laser cutters and press-brakes. Setting, operating and programming would be included

4: Assembly process’s: We would expect our apprentices to be exposed to a variety of assembly process’s. This would include working on assembly lines and within assembly cells. They would also be exposed :   to working as part of small teams and getting used to the demands this brings.

                5: Training in various lean manufacturing techniques. TPM, 5s, SMED, would all be covered.

We would expect to employee all our apprentices at the end of the term. A variety of roles would be on offer, primarily production operatives, who would then have the appropriate skill’s to add value in the area they wanted to specialise in. As well as the skill’s, the individuals would have a formal qualification that could lead onto to other more advanced roles within Altrad Belle over time.

 Please Contact Mr Carl Gibbs